Preparing Tanzanian Students for Multi-Competence-Based Learning (MCL) with a Pre-Workshop

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By Msilikale Msilanga, Aziza Mfaume, Abubakar Bakar and Marry Khatib

The Multi-Competence-Based Learning (MCL) program, as part of the GeoICT4e and Resilience Academy, is empowering individuals and businesses in Tanzania to thrive in the digital age. The State University of Zanzibar (SUZA) is one of five Tanzanian universities implementing this innovative program and has recently conducted a pre-MCL 2.0 Workshop to prepare students for the upcoming campaign.

The workshop ran to provide students with the necessary skills to develop actionable challenges, work with technology and data, and understand the MCL campaign’s general concept. The workshop aimed to introduce students to the latest advancements, tools, and strategies in MCL and provide them with a comprehensive understanding of the central theme of the GeoICT4e project.

The Pre-MCL 2.0 Workshop was conducted with 20 students from various programs like BAGES, BITAM, IT, Agriculture, and Computer Science. During the workshop, students were introduced to open-source geospatial tools such as QGIS, Open Data Kit, Earth Explorer, Google Map, Drone Mapping Data, and Google Earth Pro. They used these tools to develop solutions for addressing spatial inequalities in coastal resources in the Zanzibar community, which was part of the broader umbrella challenge, “Social innovations in Geo-ICT education at Tanzanian Higher Education Institution’s for improved employability.”

The workshop was divided into several sections, enabling students to brainstorm the challenge, discuss expectations for the campaign, form groups, and familiarize themselves with one another. The structure of the workshop encouraged collaboration and provided an opportunity for students to network, form groups, and prepare for the upcoming campaign. The workshop also provided students with a sense of motivation, which will undoubtedly lead to better engagement during the programme.

In summary, the pre-MCL 2.0 Workshop was an essential preparatory phase for students taking part in the MCL 2.0 program at SUZA. It provided students with a comprehensive understanding of the upcoming MCL 2.0 campaign and familiarized them with the tools and techniques they would use during the eight-week program. SUZA looks forward to the outcomes of the campaign and anticipates the success of its students.

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