Tanzanian young experts’ visit to Finland

During September – November 2018, we had the pleasure to host a group of seven young project experts at the University of Turku (UTU) in Finland, Departments of Geography and Geology, and Future Technologies. The experts came from the project’s four Tanzanian partner universities, and different scientific backgrounds. They all work as teaching staff at their home departments.

The young experts’ visit included activities related to research and pedagogical capacity building, different kind of geospatial and IT skills trainings, and visits to interesting institutions and stakeholders in Turku and Helsinki. For the three months time period the group spent in Finland, they had the chance to get to know Finnish university working culture as visiting researchers at the two UTU departments, working closely with the local Geo-ICT team. The three months also taught them about the Finnish culture in general, as they often wondered: “How many saunas can you have in one country!”.


With also many leisure time activities and sharing an exciting experience of living abroad together, the group quickly formed into a team which for sure will be collaborating also in the future. This is, for sure, beneficial and valuable not only for the project, but the institutions they represent. The Geo-ICT project will continue to support the young experts’ skills and career enhancement during the rest of the project.

Geo-ICT activities 2017

As the wrap-up of last year’s project activities is topical right now, it is time to look back and see what we have achieved during the first year of our Geo-ICT project. Since the beginning of the project, we have organized several workshops and trainings for the project staff and stakeholders. In the project kick-off seminar (May 2017), we planned the shared project activities and organised a stakeholder seminar to spread the knowledge of the project to the Geo-ICT community in Tanzania.

During a 14-day visit of the eight Tanzanian project coordinators  to Turku, Finland in September 2017, we had diverse trainings and workshops including pedagogical training, baseline workshops, stakeholder visits and field trips. We also organized a Tanzania Networking Day, in which the afternoon was reserved for a workshop covering topics of business culture in Tanzania, universities as enablers of innovation development and public-private partnerships in the fields of geospatial technologies and ICT.

A 5-day training “Introduction to geoinformatics” was held in Dar es Salaam for 16 participants during November. The training included both theory and practice of the basics of geospatial technologies with open source software, and also provided an opportunity for discussion about the opportunities of these technologies in Tanzanian society and education system. In November we also organised a two day user-centered innovation workshop in Dar es Salaam,where we experimented how user centered design and prototyping methods can be used to bring local contextual knowledge in the innovation process solving problems.

In addition to trainings and workshops, we have participated in many events, collected baseline information about the partner universities, gathered a Geo-ICT stakeholder database, initiated the design and review of 8 curricula, and lots more. The project continues with the same positive flow during 2018!

GIS day Tanzania 2017

Several geospatial organizations, businesses and education institutions gathered to celebrate the GIS day Tanzania and present their activities to the public at Ardhi University, Dar es Salaam on November 15th.  The Geo-ICT project team participated in GIS day Tanzania this year as both organizers and exhibitors. In addition to the GIS exposition, the afternoon programme included presentations and lively discussion about the use of GIS in Tanzania.

Tanzania GIS Day on November 15th

Geo-ICT project will be visible at the Tanzania GIS Day event in November at the University of Dar es Salaam!

On November 15th, GIS Day events are organized all around the globe. GIS Day Tanzania is held at the University of Dar es Salaam, Department of Geography, in collaboration with the University’s stakeholders.

GIS Day provides an international forum for users of geographic information systems (GIS) technology to meet each other and demonstrate real-world applications that are making a difference in our society. Welcome to this event to discover and explore the benefits of GIS and network with the GIS community!

Want to find out more? See the video about GIS Day 2016, official event website, and find event information in our events calendar.

New HEI-ICI project has started

We have received funding from the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland (HEI-ICI programme) for a project “Geospatial and ICT capacities in Tanzanian Higher Education Institutions (Geo-ICT)”. The project is about improving the quality of higher education and research environment in geospatial and ICT capacities, and strengthening the role and relevance of these sectors in the development of the society.

This project is a shared effort between the Department of Geography and Geology and Department of Future Technologies of University of Turku (UTU), Finland, with four Tanzanian Universities: University of Dar es Salaam (UDSM), Ardhi University (ARU), State University of Zanzibar (SUZA) and Sokoine University of Agriculture (SUA). The duration is from March 2017 to March 2020 (3 years).