Tanzanian and Finnish Universities Explore Research and Education Cooperation Opportunities

By Msilikale Msilanga A team of Tanzanian universities recently had the opportunity to attend an event organised by the University of Turku, where they presented their institutions to the Finnish university community. The aim was to explore potential research and education cooperation opportunities between Tanzanian and Finnish universities. The team is in Finland for a […]

Visit of EU Heads of Mission to Sokoine University of Agriculture, April 29, 2024

By Ernest William Mauya, Msilikale Msilanga and Suzana Magobeko On April 29, 2024, Sokoine University of Agriculture (SUA) welcomed a delegation of the Heads of Mission of the European Union. The ten-member delegation included Christine Grau, Head of the European Union (EU) Delegation to Tanzania and the East Africa Community, along with ambassadors from Belgium, […]

Enhancing Timber Harvesting Planning with Centimeter Precision: The Role of Emlid Reach RS2 GPS Receivers in GeoICT4e’s Educational Transformation

By Dr. Ernest Mauya and Msilikale Msilanga The aim of GeoICT4e has been to enhance the management and teaching capacities of Tanzanian universities in the are of geospatial and ICT education, with a clear goal of improving employment opportunities for graduates. By concentrating on crucial aspects of educational capacities, GeoICT4e empowers staff to plan and […]

Pande Game Reserves: From Hidden Treasure to Premier Tourist Destination

By Dr. Zakaria Ngereja In a groundbreaking turn of events, the Multicompetence Learning Challenge 2023 (MCL2023) took place over eight weeks at Ardhi University as part of the Industrial Training program. It centered its activities on the illustrious Pande Game Reserve, a verdant oasis on the outskirts of Dar es Salaam City.  The MCL2023 had […]

Preparing Tanzanian Students for Multi-Competence-Based Learning (MCL) with a Pre-Workshop

By Msilikale Msilanga, Aziza Mfaume, Abubakar Bakar and Marry Khatib The Multi-Competence-Based Learning (MCL) program, as part of the GeoICT4e and Resilience Academy, is empowering individuals and businesses in Tanzania to thrive in the digital age. The State University of Zanzibar (SUZA) is one of five Tanzanian universities implementing this innovative program and has recently […]

GEOICT4e concludes 8 weeks of the Multi competence Challenge Learning Program

As part of the implementation of the GEOICT4e project with the objective of Social innovations in Geo-ICT education at Tanzanian HEIs for improved employability, SUA conducted a Multi-competence Challenge Learning (MCL) Campaign for about 8 weeks starting from 01st August 2022 to 23rd September 2022. In the MCL campaign participants learnt how to develop solutions […]


On the 18th of July 2022, Prof. John Lupala the Deputy Vice Chancellor for Academic, Research, and Consultancy officiated the Multicompetence Learning Challenge (MCL), involving undergraduate students as their Industrial Training for 2022. Multicompetence learning challenge is a learning methodology where students work in multidisciplinary teams to embark on a defined societal challenge. At Ardhi […]

Multi-Competence Learning (MCL) campaigns kick-off in Tanzania

Last minute preparations, revision of the mentors’ manual, polishing the e-learning platforms, organizing students and we are ready to go! Long-waited start of our Multi-Competence Learning (MCL) campaigns is finally here. For the last year, we have been co-designing a new challenge-driven learning method as a team of eight universities. In late July and early […]